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How To View Course Progress

This guide will show the steps to view current course progress.

How to View Current Course Progress

  • From the TMS dashboard hover over the Users tab which will display a drop-down menu.
  • Click onto Users on the drop-down menu to open the User search page.
  • Use either options below or a combination to find the user in the Blue Search Box:
Input the Users Forename in the Search bar and click Search.
Input the Users Surname in the Search bar and click Search.
Input the Users Username in the Search bar and click Search.

Note: Available users will appear in the grey table beneath the blue search box. If the user has not been registered on the TMS, the user will need to be created.

  • Click on the required user from the grey table beneath the blue search box.
  • This will bring up the User Details page.
  • All courses assigned to the user will be displayed in a grey table at the bottom of the page.
  • This table will display a quick overview the progress for each course under the header progress.
  • This is presented in a series of circle icons each design with its own meaning.
a. Blue Outline = Not attempted
b. Blue Outline + Blue Dot = Accessed
c. Orange Fill = Completed
d. Green Fill + White Tick = Passed
e. Red Fill + White X = Failed
  • Click a Course title for further information regarding a course progress.
  • This will open a new page called User Content Report
  • This page will display information on the following categories:
a. Content Assignment Details
b. Course Status (Sessions)
c. Time (minutes) per lesson
  • Each category will display further information.
  • Looking at the Course Status (Sessions) table located to the right, in a grey table.
  • This table will show the progress made by displaying each section/module and its corresponding circle icon.
  • If the user has completed the assessment a certificate can be downloaded by clicking the green graduation cap icon.
  • If the user fails the assessment a red filled circle containing a white X will be displayed.

A table named Time (minutes) per lesson will show the time spent via a bar chart, visually helping you to see the time spent and difference in time spent on each section/module.

Note: Resets are automatically assigned to your training course. Organisations and companies can opt out of this feature by contacting support@train4academy.co.uk