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Training & Compliance Matrix

Ensuring staff are fully trained on the right courses and subjects is crucial to every organisation. Keeping track of this along with when courses need to be refreshed though can be very challenging.

Our Training & Compliance Matrix helps organisations of all shapes and sizes track and measure their compliance across the entire business. From calculating compliance statistics for multiple sites across a group to drilling down to specific Departments, Roles, Employees and even to a particular training course or subject – the T4A Training Matrix will provide you with detailed reports and instant feedback on compliance levels across all business units.


The Training Matrix enables you to create Compliance Rules which are linked to Departments, Roles and Teams. These Rules instruct the Training Matrix which employees require what courses and how often they need to be refreshed making course allocations quick, simple and most importantly accurate.

  • Define which Departments, Roles and Teams require which courses.

  • Customise refresher frequencies based on an employee’s Department or Role.

  • Flag senior roles such as Managers and Supervisors to complete additional courses.


Using the Compliance Rules the Training Matrix calculates exactly how many courses are required to be completed and in what time frame. This is displayed using a mix of different Charts alongside an intuitive and easy to understand Traffic Light System which categorises each employee as either Red, Amber or Green for their course requirements and provides an individualised compliance rating.

  • View compliance levels and how they are projected to change from as little as 15 days to a 12-month breakdown allowing you to accurately calculate training requirements and potential usage spikes months in advance.

  • Traffic Light System indicates what percentage of your Certifications are Compliant, Non-Compliant or within a certain date range of Non-Compliance.

  • Individualised Traffic Light System for every employee showing their compliance for each subject along with their own compliance percentage.

  • Get notified well in advance of your non-compliances so refresher training can be allocated and completed.


The Training Matrix provides real-time statistics linked to live data - unlike other platforms which sometimes only refresh once a day at a specific time. This means that when a training course is completed, a new result logged or a set of compliance rules are changed, your compliance statistics are immediately updated ensuring your figures are accurate at all times.

  • Clear compliance statistics broken down across Site, Department, Role and Employee.

  • Additional statistics linked to training course/subject.

  • Colour coded and broken down into both percentage and numerical statistics.

  • Option to export in CSV flat file format to make your data easy to download at any time.

1 / 3
A dashboard to view your training records by department
2 / 3
Tracked records displaying statistical data
3 / 3
A table displaying the deparments progress
3 / 3
Compliance level can be viewed by job role aswell
Training record can be downloaded easily


Along with keeping track of compliance levels linked to T4A E-Learning Courses the Training Matrix can also setup Compliance Rules for subjects which are not completed through the T4A LMS allowing you to centralise your training records for employees.

  • Define Compliance Rules for courses which are completed offline or in a classroom.

  • Upload PDF Scans of certificates against External Results.

  • Track compliance levels of externally completed courses.

1 / 3
Easily add 3rd party courses to the training matrix
2 / 3
Produce a certificate for external training courses
3 / 3
Each Certiciate will have the name of the course and logo

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