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Online Training Courses & Certification in Health and Safety, Food Hygiene & Business

Bespoke E-learning & Custom Content Solutions

We have an extensive library of content-rich and interactive e-Learning courses available. However, if something doesn’t quite match your needs, we have a range of solutions available to fit your business requirements.

E-learning solutions to fit your business requirements

Convert static files into an online course

We will bring your PowerPoint to life by converting the files into an online & accessible course to help train your staff

  • Your content will be available and accessible across devices at any time via our Learning Management Suite (LMS)
  • Track your users progress with our custom Training Management Suite (TMS)
  • We can create assessments for your learners enabling instantly downloadable certificates

Tailor training to an existing course

Customise our existing courses to suit your needs - add your own content to our rich interactive eLearning training courses

  • Have the assurance in knowing that our SME written and awarding body approved content can be used as a framework to develop a personal course customised with your real-life business scenarios
  • Our developers will tailor your content to blend into our existing course resulting in a cohesive product
  • Have your own branding on courses and certificates to make it personal to you or your business

Bespoke e-learning content service

Our team of Instructional Designers and Content Developers can create a brand-new and engaging course to meet your unique training needs

  • Designed with you in mind – you will have your own branding across the course, assessment and certificates
  • An ever-expanding library of content available for you and your users.
  • Support will be offered throughout the development process to ensure that every requirement is met

Our compliance training solution

We want you to be able to train all of your staff and track their progress easily. That's why our Cloud-Based Management Suite enables you to centralise the whole training process and manage it from any of your devices.

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We appreciate users have different requirement's, that's why we encourage all potential customers to have a quick chat with our Account Managers.

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