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Online Fire Safety Training Courses

Our fire safety training courses are designed to help employees become aware of the most common risks associated with fires. Each fire safety course completed will work towards your organisations level of compliance inline with the current legislation.

We provide approved training in the understanding of fire safety, knowing the roles and responsibilities of a designated fire warden (also known as a Fire Marshal) and the basic steps of using a fire extinguisher. These fire safety courses can be completed online, and with each successful assessment, they will be accompanied by a respective fire safety certificate.

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Why Train4Academy?

  • Helps you comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Work towards compliance with UK Health and Safety legislation
  • Unlimited retakes at no cost
  • Instant certificate
  • Customer support

Course Accreditations

CPD Certified RoSPA Approved E-learning course
Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher Training

With various fire extinguishers available, choosing the right one is necessary as fire safety regulations require all commercial properties to have fire extinguishers present, ready to use, and with a designated person appropriately trained. Understanding the class of fire will determine the correct extinguisher to use and the method required to extinguish the fire safely.

RoSPA Assured Duration: 30 Minutes

Fire Safety Awareness Training Course

Fire Safety (Awareness)

Are you able to identify potential fire hazards in a work environment and plan how to safely evacuate the building in the event of a fire? Extra care is needed to reduce the risk, and this can be as simple as knowing the basics. By doing so, you take preventive action to ensure the premises are as safe as possible.

RoSPA Assured Duration: 30 Minutes

understanding fire safety

Fire Safety (Understanding)

Fire can break out in any premises. It is unpredictable and deadly, but by understanding fire safety and taking precautions, the outcomes of fire can be minimised. This online training course is ideal for those who have the authority to control systems in buildings & those who should follow correct fire prevention systems.

RoSPA Assured Duration: 90 Minutes

Fire Wardens

Fire Wardens

Everyone in the workplace should have an understanding of the risks associated with fire, and how to minimise fire risks. However if a fire does start there may be a requirement of designated individuals, armed with greater degree of knowledge, to take control, help to organise others, preventing panic and on occasions to control evacuation.

RoSPA Assured Duration: 40 Minutes

Duration: 30 Minutes

Hot Work

Any activity that involves the use of open flames, sparks or flame/heat producing equipment is regarded as Hot Work. Welding, cutting, soldering commonly performed just some of the operations that generate heat, if proper precautions are not taken seriously there is a significant risk of fire and even explosions.

CPD Certified Duration: 30 Minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is fire safety training important?

When the consequences of a resulting fire accident being not only damaging and costly but importantly life changing, properly trained staff will be in a better position to not only protect themselves, and those around them but at preventing accidental fires. Employees should receive fire safety training as it's legal requirement in the UK as stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our fire safety training courses will provide the learner with the knowledge the basics of understanding what is fire safety, the use of fire extinguishers and the role of a fire warden.

Are these approved fire safety courses?

Our fire safety training courses are CPD certified and some are also RoSPA Assured. All of our courses are created by an SME (Subject Matter Expert), and are in line with meeting the required legislation and it's content is set to high standard. Achieving a certificate in any our fire safety training courses demonstrates a commitment to Health and Safety.

Who can complete these fire courses?

Anyone can complete our fire safety training, but those individuals that are employed or for those that have employees, fire safety training is a legal requirement. Ensuring staff are trained will also contribute to having an update fire risk assessment, keeping staff safe and also the public. Staff can also be further trained by appointing a reliable person to complete fire warden training.

Why choose online fire safety training?

These courses can be easily accessed online and completed at the learners pace. After purchasing the course, they will be sent emails that contain the information to register the course and can begin their training. In the event of failing the assessment we can happily provide a free reset, and the training material is still available to access the learning material.

When should I complete fire safety training?

After completing the course initially, it is recommended to refresh your knowledge on fire safety training every 12 months, to keep up with the current fire safety guidance and it's legislation.

Will I receive a certificate after completing one of your fire safety courses?

when you complete any of these online courses, and successfully pass the assessment, you be will able to instantly download and print a related fire safety certificate.