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How To Send Content Reminder

This guide will show the steps to send a content reminder email.

How to Send Content Reminder

Please Note: The word content referes to the availability of courses.

After logging into your Training Matrix do the following. You have 2 methods of locating content

  • 1. via the student to see their assigned content
  • 2. via the Content page

Please Note: Each method above will lead you to the Content Student Report page. From there on the following actions remain the same.

via the Content Page

  • Click the word Content which is found in top navigation bar and proceed to click.
  • This will load a page called Content List and it will display all the content available.
  • Use the blue tab laballed Search to perform a specific search to narrow down the content.
  • The grey table will display the content that is available. You can use the table's controls positioned below to navigate through the results.

Note: You can increase the number of rows the table displays by selecting one of the following options - 5 (default), 10, 25 & 30.

  • Simply click on the Course Title in the grey table to load a page called Content Student Report.
  • Below the table displaying Content Assignment Details there will be a green tab named Send Reminder Email.
  • Click this and a drop down will appear displaying an email to be used.

You have now sent a content reminder.

via the Student

  • In the top navigation (header) click the word Student.
  • This will load the Students page.
  • Find the student using the blue tabbed search form.
  • Click on the student's name to be taken to their Student Details page.
  • The Student Detail's page will display a table of the content that has been assigned.
  • When you have found the content click on the course title.
  • This will open up a page called Content Student Report
  • Below the information displayed in Content Assignment Details is a green tab named Send Reminder Email
  • Click this tab and a message will drop down showing you the email the content reminder will be sent to.
  • Enusre the email is correct and click the button Send

You have now sent a content reminder.