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How To Add Update Department

This guide will show update a department.

How to Update A Department

After logging into your Training Matrix do the following.

  • Locate the tab labelled Training Matrix
  • Hover over the label and drop-down menu will appear.
  • Select Department.
  • Once loaded the page further information including a grey table with the current departments available.
  • To find a department you can use the Search feature, located on the right in blue.
  • Enter the name of the department

Note: You have the ability to search active or inactive departments using the drop-down menu titled Display.

  • Once you have found your department click on its name under Department Name.
  • Once the page has loaded use the green box labelled Department Details.
  • Under the label Name you will see the current name of the department.
  • In the input field update with the chosen new name.
  • Once entered, confirm the name by clicking the button Update
  • You have now updated a department.