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How To Download A Certificate

This guide will show the steps to download a user's certificate.

How to Download a Certificate

  • From the TMS dashboard hover over the Users tab which will display a drop-down menu.
  • Click onto Users on the drop-down menu to open the User search page.

Note: Available users will appear in the grey table beneath the blue search box. If the user has not been registered on the TMS, the user will need to be created.

  • Use either options below or a combination to find the user in the Blue Search Box:
Input the Users Forename in the Search bar and click Search.
Input the Users Surname in the Search bar and click Search.
Input the Users Username in the Search bar and click Search.
  • The user's name will appear in a grey table. You can now click the user’s name to take your to their details.
  • In a grey table will be a list of courses names associated with the user.
  • Click the title of the course to take you to the Users Content Report
  • Once the page has loaded. There will be a grey table named Course Status. This will display course information i.e what course sections have been completed.

Note: The green icon will only present when the user has successfully completed the assessment.

  • At the bottom of the table will be the course name and the word assessment and to the right of this will be a green icon in the design of a graduation cap.
  • Click the graduation cap and the certificate will begin to download.