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Adding a student

This guide will show the steps taken to add a student.

How to add a student

  • From the TMS dashboard hover over the Students tab which will display a drop-down menu.
  • Click onto students on the drop-down menu to open the student search page.

Note: We recommend confirming the new student has not already been registered to the platform to help prevent duplicate records.

To do this, use the blue search box and enter the Forename and Surname of the new student to see if they already exist. If they have not already been registered, proceed with the following instructions below.

  • Click the green Add New Student tab at the bottom of the page.
  • Input the new student’s forename, surname, and create a username and password into the mandatory text box.

Note: Mandatory information to enter will be highlighted green.

  • To send the student their login details select the blue Send Email Confirmation tick box

Note: Although a new students Email is not a mandatory field, we do advise to assign one. This will be used to send an automated email to the new student that will contain their login information.

  • Check the student’s details are correct.
  • Click the green Add button at the bottom of the Add New Student drop-down menu.
  • Once completed, this will take you back to the Student Search page.
  • The new student will now appear in a grey table beneath the blue search box once completed.