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Volume Solutions & Tools

Do you have a large team to train or an on-going training requirement?
Train4Academy’s Cloud Based Training Solution will enable your organisation to deliver high volumes of training quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively – allowing you to train smarter.

Training Management Suite - TMS

The Train4Academy TMS is a cloud based reporting system that is free of charge for all organisations and individuals training 5 or more staff.

The Training Management Suite allows a training manager or department to retain full control of the online training process while also providing the facility to check the progress of any candidate who is enrolled on the T4A Learning Management System (LMS).

The TMS has the following reporting and user management facilities:-

  • Assign new trainees to the learning management system.
  • Assign Training Courses to new and existing users.
  • Track a trainee's progress on any course they are enrolled on.
  • View all assessments results for your training group or for individual trainees.
  • Display and print any trainee's certificate in your training group.

Train4Academy can also create bespoke reporting and user management facilities for your organisation.

Want a popup notification to display when a user on a particular course has a certificate that is over 18 months old? Or maybe bespoke training reports created for specific departments? How about a bundle of courses for specific job role(s)? Nothing is too much or too difficult – we’re here to make the training process better for you and the best way to do this is to build a Management Suite around your organisations training needs.

Training Management Suite
Volume Discounts

Volume Discounts

Train4Academy offer a volume discount structure for those organisations looking to order their training in bulk…. Plus we will never be beaten on price. If you find the same product elsewhere we will beat the cost by 5%.

  • An order of 10 Courses - up to 10% discount
  • An order of 20 Courses - up to 20% Discount
  • An order of 35 Courses - up to 35% Discount
  • An order of 45 Courses - up to 45% Discount
  • An order of over 100 Courses - up to 80% Discount

Any courses ordered with Train4Academy also have up to 3 years to be used so there’s no wonder a lot of companies take full advantage of this excellent volume discount scheme!

Academy Training License

So, you’ve got a large team to train, an ongoing training requirement for this team but what’s that… You also need them all training on a variety of different courses and in different amounts? No problem!

Train4Academy offer 3 types of Unlimited Training Licenses for organisations of all shapes and sizes. The Licenses provide unlimited access to the courses included in them, a branded Learning Management System and branded Training Management Suite along with much more features as well. Click here for a full feature breakdown.

The licences we offer are:-

Food Safety License
Health & Safety License
Academy License
Unlimited access to 15 food related courses
Unlimited access to 14 Health & Safety realted courses
Unlimited access to all 29 courses
Prices from only £3k per annum
Prices from only £3k per annum
Prices from only £4k per annum

Academy Training License
Bespoke Training Creation Service

Induction & Bespoke Training creation service

Your organisation is completely different to any other – it’s what sets you apart from your competitors. Being different is good! So, why would one course or a number of compliance courses entirely fit your training requirements? They wouldn’t, not 100%, probably not even 75%!

Train4Academy appreciate that the training needs of your organisation could be different to the needs of our current customers and because of this we offer an Induction & Bespoke Training creation service.

Removal or addition of slides to existing T4A Courses.
Turn your existing PowerPoint Presentation or Training Resource into a SCORM Compliant Package and host it on our LMS.
T4A work with you to create a completely bespoke course.
From £299 + VAT
From £999 + VAT
From £3,000 + VAT