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HACCP Training - Online Courses

Our HACCP courses are designed to provide all the knowledge needed to train staff from level 1 (Awareness), Level 2 (Understanding) to level 3 (Advanced), depending on their role within the business. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is the name given to a set of internationally adopted food standards and guidelines which aim to prevent, food hazards, or reduce them to an acceptable level.

HACCP systems can be complex to implement, and will not be successfully achieved unless everyone involved has a full understanding of the topic.

If you're not after HACCP Training we do offer level 1, 2 and 3 online food hygiene training courses available to complete on today.

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Course Accreditations

RoSPA Approved E-learning course CPD Certified
Managing HACCP in Manufacturing and Retail Level 3

HACCP Level 3 (Managing)

The creation of a HACCP plan for all businesses and companies is the responsibility of owners, managers, and supervisors. To create and keep up to date plan, the complex subject of HACCP must be understood. This level 3 course aims to enable this subject to be understood, in simple steps. The course has full voice over and engaging graphics to make the course enjoyable. Students work at their own pace, making huge savings on long costly classroom courses.

CPD Certified

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Understanding HACCP

HACCP Level 2 (Understanding)

It is a legal requirement that all food businesses have a food safety management system in place, based on HACCP principles. Although a HACCP plan, is usually developed by owners, managers and supervisors, its effectiveness is wholly dependent on the staff who operate, monitor and record the system. It is critical that all staff understand HACCP, and the importance of their roles within HACCP. The course will enable this complex topic to be understood and therefore help necessary tasks to be performed correctly.

RoSPA Approved

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HACCP Awareness

HACCP Level 1 (Awareness)

The term HACCP, familiar now to all managers and supervisors in the food industry, is not a familiar term to new starters or many workers. The correct implementation of HACCP principles is however, fundamental to the provision of safe food and to avoid loss of profit or worse. This course will help food workers understand what HACCP is and the role they play in the HACCP system and why their role, perhaps taking readings and temperatures, is so important.

RoSPA Approved

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HACCP Plan Template

HACCP Plan Template

The simple way to create your HACCP plan for small to medium sized businesses. Legally, all food businesses need an up to date current HACCP plan but this complex topic is confusing. This template provides a step by step toolkit, containing all the basic blank forms required. Simply follow the instructions, fill in the forms, file then with a brief description of your company, and you have your own HACCP plan.

CPD Certified

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TACCP & VACCP Training in Understanding

TACCP & VACCP Training

This Level 2 Understanding TACCP & VACCP training course will give food workers in a manufacturing, retail or catering environment a good level of knowledge on how to implement a successful TACCP & VACCP risk management system into their food establishments.

CPD Certified

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