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Change a student's password

This guide will show the steps taken to change a password for a student.

How to change a password

  • From the TMS dashboard hover over the Students tab which will display a drop-down menu.
  • Click onto Students on the drop-down menu to open the Student search page.

Note: Available students will appear in the grey table beneath the blue search box. If the student has not been registered on the TMS, the student will need to be created.

  • Use either options below or a combination to find the student in the Blue Search Box:
Input the Students Forename in the Search bar and click Search.
Input the Students Surname in the Search bar and click Search.
Input the Students Username in the Search bar and click Search.
  • Click on the required student from the grey table beneath the blue search box to open the Student Details page.
  • Beneath the yellow student Details Box select the green Update Student tab to display theStudent Details in a Drop-down menu.
  • Move your mouse down to the Password box on the left side in the green Update Student and click on this.
  • This will now be able to be updated.

Note: Please make sure that your password is secure and does not contain your name or username.

Your password should be at least 8 characters in length, contain only a - z and 0 - 9, and have at least 1 of each lowercase/uppercase/number in it.

  • Once a new password has been inputted into the Password text box and checked its correct, move the mouse down to the green Update button.
  • Click the green Update button.
  • Once this has been updated, this will take you back to the Student Details page.

Note: Although a student’s Email is not a mandatory field, we do advise to assign one. This will be used to send an automated email to the student containing their login information.