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HACCP Plan Template - Create your HACCP Plan

HACCP Plan Template CPD Certified Course

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Course information
  • Document templates (forms)
  • Step by step instruction manual

The HACCP Plan Template will help businessess produce their on HACCP Plan as owners and managers have a legal obligation to implement a food safety management system.

It is a legal requirement that all food businesses, be they manufacturing, retailers or caterers, must have a food safety system based on HACCP principles. This is called a HACCP plan. It must be a live document, updated regularly and for this reason is best written by owners or managers of the business.

A small business need not have such a complex HACCP plan as a larger business, but it must cover the requirements to be acceptable. This is not easy, but this HACCP template makes the task as simple and straightforward as possible. The pack is written in two parts and contains:

Who is this HACCP Plan Template for?

This is an invaluable tool kit for small to medium businesses who are struggling with the complexities of HACCP. There is no test or certificate for this package – just a good HACCP plan template and all the information ready for you to use, to produce your own HACCP plan.

Course aim

This HACCP plan toolkit aims to make the production of a HACCP plan a much simpler activity than it might otherwise be, by the provision of our downloadable two-part package.

The HACCP Plan Template content

  • The Explanation (Part 1)

    • Contains a step by step instruction manual on what your plan should contain and how to do it.
  • The Forms (Part 2)

    • contains blank templates of the forms you should complete to produce your HACCP plan. Fill in all the forms and you have a full set of information ready for auditor inspection.

However your plan is a live document and should be updated regularly to reflect any changes you make to your systems, new products you are introducing or new machines you may buy.

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HACCP Plan Template CPD Certified Course

£49.00 + VAT per person

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Course information
  • Document templates (forms)
  • Step by step instruction manual

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