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Asbestos Awareness Online Training

Our Asbestos Awareness Online Training course is accredited by RoSPA and carries one of the most respected brands in health and safety world wide.

Asbestos kills about 5000 workers each year. Few people realise that most buildings constructed before the turn of the millennium will have asbestos in their fabric. This is safe, until it is disturbed by alterations, and if fibres are breathed into airwaves, they can lodge there for many years, causing irritation and eventually cancer.

It is your badge of quality and will meet all audit requirements, apart from helping to ensure the safety of your staff.

Asbestos Awareness Training Online Course Overview

The Asbestos Awareness Training Online course is delivered in the following modules:-

  • Legal requirements
  • The 3 training categories for asbestos training
  • What is asbestos?
  • The two basic asbestos groups
  • Asbestos types falling into the two categories
  • Where asbestos has been mined
  • Why asbestos was used
  • Two videos illustrating why asbestos became commonly used
  • Common products containing asbestos
  • The history of asbestos
  • The dangers of asbestos
  • How asbestos affects the body
  • Asbestos related diseases
  • The relationship between smoking and asbestos
  • The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012
  • Notifiable non-licensed work
  • What is a licence?
  • Who should take each training category?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring safety?
  • The 'Duty Holder'
  • Scenario
  • The Asbestos Register
  • The Asbestos Management Plan
  • Who is most at risk from asbestos?
  • Sampling
  • Asbestos removal signs
  • Planning asbestos removal
  • What contractors will do
  • Paperwork
  • On completion
  • DIY work at home
  • Emergency procedures

Asbestos Awareness Training Online Course Assessment

Certification Information

Asbestos Awareness Training Online Course Certificate

Validation Infomation

£25.00 + VAT per person

Asbestos Awareness Training Online - IOSH cert
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