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PowerPoint Conversion to a SCORM compliant e-Learning course

At Train4Academy, we can assist businesses looking to enhance their current online learning methods with our bespoke training options. If you are looking to develop existing training content, we can convert your PowerPoint Presentation into an interactive e-Learning course through an industry-standard PowerPoint to SCORM conversion. For those who like the look of our courses, we also provide a Designed Content Conversion where you act as the SME (subject matter expert) and work alongside our designers in creating a professionally designed and interactive course that is completed to an excellent standard and catered to your businesses training needs.

We have a knowledgeable team on hand who can help guide you when it comes to choosing the best option going forward to cater to your needs for your personalised training. Our solutions have been developed by a team of instructional designers and technical experts, who are eager to help you deliver the best learning options tailored to your requirements.

PowerPoint/PDF to SCORM

This solution is a perfect way to convert your own training, whether it is in the form of PowerPoint, PDF or Word, to SCORM. This is a quick, cost-effective method of converting your training into a trackable course, which will be made available to as many learners as you need across different platforms via our T4A Learning Management System.

  • Do you already have the learning material and wish to make it into a trackable course? Send across your file, and we will do the rest by converting it into a SCORM compliant course
  • Your staff or learners will be able to access your content via our LMS, anywhere at any time!
  • You can track your learner’s progress via our Training Management Suite (TMS) as well as administrate training to your users
  • Need to assess your user’s knowledge? You provide the question bank, and we can transform it into a measured online trackable assessment for your learners to complete
  • Once they have passed the assessment, they will receive a custom certificate available to print straight away
PowerPoint to SCORM conversion - Compliant eLearning training course

Designed Content Conversion

If you like the look of our courses and feel that a finished product for your personal learning content is something that would work best for you, then we can create a polished, professionally designed, and interactive course from your written training content. We have access to over 370 million professional stock images, as well as a comprehensive range of ready-designed templates suited for whatever industry your business is in.

  • You will have access to everything from the Basic Conversion and more!
  • You act as a subject matter expert (SME) and provide us with the written content, whether that is via a PowerPoint, Word Doc or PDF, for your course, and we will take care of everything else
  • You will liaise with our instructional designer to ensure that the images and visuals that we provide are suited to your industry’s standard, giving your learners an engaging and accurate learning experience.
  • Our course development team will keep you up to date every step of the way. You will be able to review the course and make personal amends to ensure that it is finalised to what you envisioned
  • The style of the course can be adapted to suit your company brand allowing it to be in-keeping and personal to your business
  • We provide a narrative audio voice over to enhance your learner's experience and fit to different learning styles
Designed Content Conversion

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