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Training Management Suite (TMS)

When you order 5 or more courses with Train4Academy we will set you up with a Training Management Suite (TMS) at no additional charge. The TMS makes the process of setting up learners, allocating courses and keeping across learner progress simple and ensures all of your training records are easy to access at all times.


Easily add new learners to the platform by entering their name and creating them a username and password.

Once added your learner will receive an automated email from the platform with their login information.

Learners without emails? No problem – email addresses aren’t required to setup a learner account so your learners can still access their courses without an email address!

  • Make reporting easier by allocating your learners to a department or job role so you can report on these as well as individual learners.

  • Have multiple learner accounts to setup? These can be imported by csv to speed up the process.


When a learner is setup on the platform you can allocate their training courses by selecting from your available training credits and linking to a learner.

Once allocated, your learner will receive an automated email from the platform confirming the course they have been allocated to and prompting them to start.

  • Course allocations are simple and quick to complete. Just select the course, click assign and the learner is immediately enrolled.

  • Have multiple learner accounts to allocate training to? ‘Mass Actions’ are available to allocate a specific courses to multiple learners at the click of one button saving you time on administration.


Keep across of learner progress by accessing the learners training record and viewing their training history.

  • Simple reports alongside course allocations immediately show whether a user has started the training course and their current progress using a simple key.

  • Detailed reports can be accessed by clicking into course allocations to view time spent on lessons and assessments.

  • Prompt learners who have not started training courses by sending an email reminder.

  • Have multiple learner accounts to report on for one or more courses? Detailed reports can created and ran using the content report option which allows you to report on all learner progress and filter by courses, department and role.


A full list of learner’s assessment results and scores in date order is available on screen with the option to download and export in csv format.

  • Easily download certificates in PDF Format by clicking the result, with the certificate then downloading to your device instantly.

  • Run detailed Assessment Reports using the Result Report and filtering by courses, department, role and learner to tailor your report to exactly what you are looking for.

  • Export tailored reports in CSV Format.


Ensure learners training is renewed on time in the future by using the Training Matrix Feature.

This will identify exactly when refreshers need to be allocated and provide 30 days warnings on upcoming certificate expiries to ensure you never miss a renewal for learners.

  • Create Compliance Rules linked to Department or Role to define when a course requires a renewal.

  • View current compliance levels across learners using an intuitive traffic light system which highlights compliances, upcoming refreshers and expiries.

  • Access instant, real-time compliance statistics which allow you to report on compliance levels of Departments, Roles and Learners and where the compliance gaps are.

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Take advantage of our bulk discounts which will reduce your overall cost of training. Better still, any courses you order can be registered to users upto two years later so there's no need to worry about training credits expiring!

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  • 30% Discount 50+ courses
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