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Pregnancy Awareness

Up to half of the workforce will likely go through the experience of pregnancy at some period of their career. Pregnancy is not an illness but it can carry with it unwanted symptoms.

From the point of view of the workplace manager however, it does present issues that must be addressed and precautions taken. This course will highlight the legal situation regarding the pregnant employee and help those planning workplace activities understand the issues surrounding pregnancy, and act accordingly.

Without a doubt pregnancy presents issues that must be addressed by the employer. This course has been developed to highlight the legalities regarding pregnant employees and aid those in charge of workplace activities understand the issues of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Awareness Overview

There are a number of considerations which must be taken once an employee has discovered she is pregnant. This course is designed for the expectant mother to understand the processes required in the workplace including risk assessments

There are many precautions to consider when an employee is pregnant. This course is designed for the individual to understand the risk assessments and process in the workplace.

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