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Hand Hygiene for Food Workers Training Course

Hand Hygiene for Food Workers Training cert

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£25.00 +VAT per person

Course information
  • Certificate on Successful Completion
  • Access course on Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
  • 20 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Course Duration: 60 Minutes
  • CPD Points: 1

The Hand Hygiene for Food Workers Training course will help the learner be aware to not overlook the importance or to ignore the act of thoroughly cleaning their hands. The course covers what to expect if a hand hygiene act fails to be established which is often down to a lack of understanding of the whole procedure.

Our Hands are used in nearly all cases of an object and human interaction, from passing a pen to a friend or making a quick sandwich, whilst carrying up to a million bacterial organisms, enough to improve current poor hygiene practices you’d think. As well as making a home on the hands' bacteria can be found in rings or watches, seeking shelter in the grooves or any part of the object they find, where it can be moist.

With the ease of how bacteria are carried, transferred and harboured with our hands the importance of good hand hygiene for food workers is imperative.

  • For food workers in manufacturing, retail or catering
  • Train online at your own pace with a full audio voiceover
  • Accredited by CPD
  • Certificate on successful completion
  • Course duration: 60 minutes
  • Unlimited resits at no cost

Who is this Online Hand Hygiene for Food Workers Training for?

This online course has been purposely created for those whom work with food, where handling food is often in their job role.

Hand Hygiene for Food Workers Training Certification

Our entire library of training courses are accredited by the CPD Certification Service as adhering to the universally recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

Upon passing the online assessment you will have the options to both print and download your Hand Hygiene for Food Workers Training Certificate in PDF format. In addition to this an automated email will also be sent to your chosen email address containing a link to your certificate ensuring you always have access to a copy.

Furthermore, a QR code is displayed on each certificate which when scanned by a smartphone links to our certification database. This allows employers, auditors and local authority inspectors, for example, to establish a certificates validity instantly and at any time.

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Course Aim

This hand hygiene for food workers course aims to increase the awareness of the importance of this simple but vital activity, and to make everyone aware of the risks associated with poor hand hygiene.

The course is written to meet the needs of the food workers where the requirement for clean hands is vital.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • List the benefits of effective hand washing
  • Name the categories of bacteria
  • Explain what food-borne disease is
  • Explain what HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is
  • Wash your hands effectively
  • Explain why hand hygiene is so important
  • Explain why rubber gloves are used
  • Explain what dermatitis is
  • Describe the causes, prevention and treatment of occupational dermatitis
  • Describe what can happen if stress becomes prolonged

Training Course Content

This course is made up of the following content:

  • Section 1 - Hand Hygiene Statistics and the Importance of Good Hand Hygiene

    This section covers a variety of statistical data related to hand hygiene, highlighting the importance of hand hygiene.

  • Section 2 - Bacteria and Understanding the Role of Skin Layers

    This section of the course will help the learner to be aware of the type of bacteria to be found on the hands and the consequences of an infection. It explains the three layers of skin tissue; Epidermis, dermis & hypodermis and the role they each play within our body and the type of micro-organisms that are found on our skin.

  • Section 3 - Food Borne Disease and the Role of HACCP System

    This section will introduce how suffering from a foodborne disease is a result of consuming contaminated food or drink, often caused by microbes or pathogens found on the individual's hands and why a HACCP System can help to reduce the risk.

  • Section 4 - Hand Washing and using Rubber Gloves in the Food Industry

    This section of the course covers the correct procedure of having good hand hygiene, the vital routine it plays in the food industry, as well as looking at the types of equipment that can be used to carry this out , such as, blown air dryers and towels. This section covers the role of using rubber/latex gloves in the food industry and the correct removing procedure, how to reduce contamination. It also looks at hand dermatitis, the job roles that often cause this, what preventions to take and the role of creams in this environment.

  • Section 5 - Introduction to Hand Dermatitis and Occupational Health Surveillance

    This section looks at hand dermatitis, the job roles that often cause this, the preventions to take and the role of using a skin protecting barrier for such working environments. It also looks at identifying the need for a health surveillance system using health checks to help spot early signs of work-related ill-health.


On completion of the course lessons and training material an online assessment will automatically unlock. The assessment will contain 15 multiple-choice questions and a mark of 75% or above will be required to pass.

The assessment will be marked instantly and so you will know straight away if you have passed or not. If you don't pass first time there's no need to worry. Unlimited resits at absolutely no additional charge are available so you can retake the assessment again as many times as you need to.

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Hand Hygiene for Food Workers Training cert


£25.00 +VAT per person

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Course information
  • Certificate on Successful Completion
  • Access course on Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
  • 20 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Course Duration: 60 Minutes
  • CPD Points: 1

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