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Communication Skills Training Course

Online Communication Skills Training Course CPD Certified Course

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£25.00 +VAT per person

Course information
  • Certificate on Successful Completion
  • Access course on Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
  • Course Duration: 40 Minutes
  • CPD Points: 1

This Communication Skills Training course covers a range of different techniques and tips to help build better communication skills to benefit in or outside of the workplace. Poor communication can be costly to a business, resulting in the loss of staff, customers or even profit. Due to this, it is important to help build communication skills for all members of staff, whether they are managers, supervisors, or general employees.

This Communication Skills training looks at the different types of communication there are, and what barriers may occur to overcome to build confidence in communication with other people, whether that is face to face or online. Statistics show that a staggering 96% of people think that their business can improve when it comes to communication and project management.

Undertaking this Communication Skills course will help employers and employees to better understand what communication is and how to successfully implement the good communication skills that are needed for a business to thrive, this applies to both when working with customers or as a team amongst staff.

  • Train online at your own pace with a full audio voiceover
  • Accredited by CPD
  • Certificate on successful completion
  • Course duration: 40 minutes
  • Unlimited resits at no cost

Who is this Communication Skills Training for?

If your job involves managing staff, working with clients or customers, or working with people as a team, then this course could benefit you.

A communication skills course is ideal for both employers and employees, as it demonstrates the importance of good communication skills and how to implement them within the workplace.

Communication Skills Training Certification

Our entire library of training courses are accredited by the CPD Certification Service as adhering to the universally recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

Upon passing the online assessment you will have the options to both print and download your Communication Skills Training Certificate in PDF format. In addition to this an automated email will also be sent to your chosen email address containing a link to your certificate ensuring you always have access to a copy.

Furthermore, a QR code is displayed on each certificate which when scanned by a smartphone links to our certification database. This allows employers, auditors and local authority inspectors, for example, to establish a certificates validity instantly and at any time.

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Course Aim

The aim of this traininng course is to provide you with the knowledge of what effective communication is, how to overcome communication barriers and to achieve a greater understanding of the communication process. With this knowledge, you will be able to apply effective communication skills to your workplace and improve professional relationships and team building.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Give a definition of ‘good’ communication
  • List 4 statistics relevant to communication in the workplace
  • Explain why proper communication is important
  • List the 4 types of communication
  • Give a definition of verbal communication
  • State a benefit of good nonverbal communication
  • List some written verbal methods of communication
  • List some good communication practices
  • Identify why good communication is important
  • Recognise the different barriers to communication
  • List the 4 tips on being a good communicator
  • Recognise the benefit of attaining empathy in communication

Training Course Content

This course is made up of the following modules:

  • Introduction to Communication

    This section introduces the learner to the course and what good communication is and why it is important in the workplace.

  • Module 1 - What is Communication?

    This section of the course concentrates on the definition of communication and the 4 categories relating to it. This section looks at the 4 categories in detail, which are verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual communication.

  • Module 2 - ‘Good’ Communication

    This section of the course covers what can be considered as ‘good’ communication, and the benefits of good communication within the workplace. It also looks at the common barriers to communication which can occur and how to overcome them.

  • Module 3 - Tips and Techniques of Communication

    In this final section, you will cover the cost that poor communication can have on a business. It then looks at how to adapt your communication skills for the better, by showing different tips and techniques to help yourself improve.


On completion of the course lessons and training material an online assessment will automatically unlock. The assessment will contain 15 multiple-choice questions and a mark of 75% or above will be required to pass.

The assessment will be marked instantly and so you will know straight away if you have passed or not. If you don't pass first time there's no need to worry. Unlimited resits at absolutely no additional charge are available so you can retake the assessment again as many times as you need to.

How To Order and Access Your Course

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Please note: For organisations ordering 10 or more units of training there is an option to pay via invoice. Contact the office on 01482 861 040 and we can process your order over the telephone.

How to buy a course - Access online training

Accessing the Training Course

Now you have completed your order we will email you a Receipt along with a second email titled ‘Online Course Registration Details’. This will contain all the information you will need to register a user on the Training Course. Emails are sent within minutes of a completed transaction so as soon as you complete your order you will receive your confirmation emails straight away.

How to buy a course - Registering to start training

Registering on the Training Course

The Online Course Registration Details will contain a Course Code and a unique Course Activation Key – these can be used to create a user account and access the Training Course. Follow the instructions to get up and running on the course.

Please note: If you have ordered more than one course you will receive multiple Course Activation Keys in the Course Registration email.

How to buy a course - Recieving your certificate


Once you have passed the assessment your certificate will be immediately available to print and download in PDF Format. In addition to this an automated email will also be sent to your chosen email address containing a link to your certificate ensuring you always have access to a copy.

How to buy a course - Customer Support

Customer Support

Have further questions, or need some support? Our team is on hand to help you every step of the way – from checking out on the website, gaining access to the course, and downloading your certificate. Call a member of the team on 01482 861 040 or email us on support@train4academy.co.uk and we will be happy to help you along the way.

Our FAQ will help provide further information.

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Communication Skills Training Course CPD Certified Course


£25.00 +VAT per person

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Course information
  • Certificate on Successful Completion
  • Access course on Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
  • 15 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Course Duration: 40 Minutes
  • CPD Points: 1

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