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Workstation Setup Assessment

Many of us spend our working days using desktop computers, keyboards and monitors, and reach for files, books etc. from cabinets. Over time this can lead to strain on muscles causing long term problems with arms, shoulders and backs.

Adjusting the positioning of equipment and seating to ensure strain is minimised is most important. This course will help the user to understand the potential problems caused by incorrect positioning and advise on the correct actions to take.

Workstation Setup Assessment Overview

Upon completion of this course the trainee will:-

  • Understand the correct use of DSE (Display Screen Equipment)
  • Understand the correct way in which to set up your workstation
  • Understand the importance of taking breaks from the screen
  • Identify correct posture

Workstation Setup Assessment

Certification Information

Workstation Setup Certificate

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£25.00 + VAT per person

Workstation Setup Assessment Training cert
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