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Electrical Safety Training

We all depend on electricity and because it is so familiar to us, we tend to underestimate how dangerous it can be. Electricity can kill, cause life threatening injuries or severe damage to property.

Simple precautions will help protect everyone and this course is intended to highlight the problems and hazards concerning electricity in the workplace.

This course is intended for everyone, especially those who work with machinery of any kind.

Electrical Safety Training Overview

Upon completion of the Electrical Safety Training Course, the trainees will be able to:

  • Define electricity
  • Identify the main hazards and risks of electricity
  • Identify what injuries can stem from electricity
  • Assess electrical risks in the workplace
  • Reduce electrical risks in the workplace
  • Understand the general rules of working with electricity
  • Understand PAT testing electrical equipment

Electrical Safety Training Assessment

Certification Information

Electrical Safety Training Certificate

Validation Infomation

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Electrical Safety Training cert
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