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What is the difference between food safety and food hygiene?


People use the terms food safety and food hygiene frequently and often interchangeably, often without knowing the difference in their meaning. There are occasions when the terms overlap. This article aims to look at the main differences between the two terms and why it is essential to understand them.

Having a good understanding of both terms will help ensure employees, employers and owners are compliant with the law, and that the business runs hygienically and effectively, which ultimately leads to high customer trust and satisfaction.

Anyone who works in the food and drink industry will have undergone either food safety training or food hygiene training. It is important to know the difference to ensure the correct training is taken and implemented for those working within the food and drink industries to follow best practice.

What is Food Safety?

Food safety is the overriding umbrella term that is concerned with all aspects of keeping food safe for us to eat, throughout all processes, from farm-to-fork. It is in place to ensure that whatever the food or drink product, is safe to consume. This is whether it is a restaurant, food retailer or vehicles that carry food or drink.

Food safety is concerned with the management of food safety systems within businesses that must be in place, for example, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). This knowledge is critical for those with managerial or supervisory roles tasked with the responsibility of implementing an effective food safety system in a business.

What is Food Hygiene?

Food hygiene is an essential element under the term of food safety. Those who work directly with food have a legal duty to have the required level of knowledge for their role. For example, the processes that are directly linked to the:

...of food. This includes:

Those employees who work directly with food and who do not have responsibilities for implementing a food safety management system will usually only need food hygiene training. However, there may be a requirement for some employees to be involved with other areas of the business, which may require further relevant training to a level 1, 2 or 3 standard.

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The FSA (Food Standards Agency - in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and the Food Standards Scotland are responsible for overseeing the standards, which have primarily evolved from EU law (Regulation 178/2002). The FSA is the governing body which works with the local authorities, to ensure businesses are compliant with these laws.

These regulations form UK laws because of:

They are responsible for ensuring that the following food safety elements are included in these laws. There are three key elements, which are:

Businesses must:

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