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Stress Management for Employees

If you as a worker become over anxious or stressed because of work, it can have a detrimental effect on your health.

HSE statistics have identified the numbers of people suffering workplace stress as 740 per 100,000 workers which represents a significant amount of time lost through sickness.

However, there are signs which can be noticed and dealt with before the level of stress becomes significant, and modifications to personal behaviour which can help. This course is intended to help workers deal with stress before it becomes chronic.

Stress Management for Employees Overview

  • Identifying and Understanding what work related stress is
  • Identifying the impact of stress
  • How to handle work related stress
  • Legal obligations
  • Ethical responsibility of stress management
  • Identify behaviour, potential hazards and other areas of concern

Stress Management for Employees Assessment

Certification Information

Stress Management for Employees Certificate

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Stress Management for Employees Course cert
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