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Personal Protective Equipment Training (PPE online)

Most industries will be able to identify hazards in the workplace and will require risk assessments to be done both on their everyday tasks and on those tasks that are done less frequently. These are written with the object of minimising the identified hazards.

Sometimes the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) will be a requirement to protect the individual, although this should never be a first choice in minimising hazards. Those who need to use PPE need to be trained. This comprehensive course highlights the issues concerning the use of PPE, enabling it to be used safely.

Personal Protective Equipment Training Course Overview

  • Understanding of PPE
  • Recognise different types of PPE.
  • Recognise the functions of different types of PPE.
  • Identify the responsibilities of management and staff.
  • Correct use and storage of PPE.

Personal Protective Equipment Assessment

Certification Information

Personal Protective Equipment Certification

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