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Laboratory Safety Training

Laboratory Safety Training is designed for the individual who works in a laboratory environment. It is suitable for those who work in a commercial, private or academic setting. The course covers the key points required for Lab Safety employees to work safely in their workplace.

Laboratory Safety Training Overview

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:-

  • Understand why laboratory safety is important.
  • Identify the common hazards and warning signs related to laboratory safety.
  • Understand the procedures to follow in case of an emergency, such as a spill, a fire or an explosion.
  • Identify which types of PPE are appropriate for laboratory work.
  • Recognise which injuries commonly result from laboratory accidents and also state the first aid procedures to follow for non life threatening laboratory injuries.

Laboratory Safety Training Assessment

Certification Information

Laboratory Safety Training Certificate

Validation Infomation

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Laboratory Safety Training cert
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