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Health and Safety for Homeworkers (Employees)

Work carried out within the home usually falls under the classification of "low risk". Despite this, staff that are within this environment still need understand the risks associated with working from home and how to execute their day to day tasks safely.

Health and Safety Homeworkers (Employees) Overview

Upon completion of the course users will be able to:-

  • Understand the importance of carrying out a risk assessment.
  • Recognise how to check your own electrical equipment.
  • Understand the importance of DSE.
  • Recognise what the manual handling procedure entails.
  • Develop an insight into the various hazards that are around you and what to do should an accident occur.
  • Be aware of your company policy.

Health and Safety for Homeworkers (Employees) Assessment

Certification Information

Health and Safety for Homeworkers (Employees) Certificate

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Health and Safety for Homeworkers - Employees Course cert
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