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Online Training Courses & Certification in Health and Safety, Food Hygiene & Business

Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 Certificate from Train4Academy

Our Food Safety Level 2 course can be taken by food workers who plan to or are already directly preparing, producing, serving or transporting food.

We offer Food Hygiene and Safety Level 2 online training across 3 industry sectors to national industry standard, each online course meeting UK & EU requirements for food-handlers.

Food Safety Level 2 in Catering

Food Safety in Catering (Level 2)

Catering, arguably the most diverse form of food handing is constant in its fundamentals, that is, the use of quality ingredients, cooked thoroughly, and protected once cooked. Simple in principle, in fact this is complex, and requires effective training for all staff enabling them to understand and follow the many directives required by internal systems and legislation. This level 2 food hygiene course will meet all legislative and audit requirements, fulfilling your due diligence needs.

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Food Safety Level 2 in Manufacturing

Food Safety in Manufacturing (Level 2)

Available in English, Polish, Russian, Hungarian and Romanian. Producing good food which creates profit is the essential ingredient for all successful food manufacturing companies and to achieve this, staff must understand quality systems and the importance of food safety. This is the standard training requirement for all key staff, and most retailers require this training as the basic legal starting point when purchasing from a producer.

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Food Safety Level 2 in Retail

Food Safety in Retail (Level 2)

Today’s shoppers are savvy creatures, with less loyalty to brands. To use a business they need a clean, inviting shopping environment with safe food. Training for food retail staff is vital, both to cover mandatory obligations, but also to ensure staff follow best practice through their understanding of what is needed. The level 2 course will meet your requirements for due diligence, whilst covering all the demands of an audit.

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