Insects – the Future of Food?


Mmmm, that was crunchy!

This is what we will be saying in the future according to Professor Guy Poppy, the FSA Chief Scientific Advisor in his recently issued science report.

What am I referring to? ….Insects!



In order to keep abreast of what’s happening in the food world, I subscribe to the Food Standards Agency general news, and Professor Guy Poppy’s interesting report has just been issued, covering food allergies and intolerances (more on that in another blog).

However, he is seriously suggesting that insects could be the sustainable food of the future, to offset the increasing demand for animal protein.


In line with the theme of this report, there is some concern in populations that are not used to eating insects, as they may trigger allergic reactions because some contain similar proteins. Research suggests that those of us who are allergic to shrimps may also be allergic to meal worms.


Personally I would give up the shrimps, but we must move forwards I suppose. They most certainly have in Thailand where there are over 20,000 cricket farms, and Thais themselves say that grasshoppers, crickets and locusts are the most popular insects to eat.

As a lifelong fighter of the flab, I should take this very seriously as insects are, apparently, rich in protein, calcium, iron and are low in fat and calories. I’m sure many slimming groups are signing contracts as we speak!

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