Will they Opt-in? How we tackled that GDPR email

We share how we dealt with the Opt-in email
To Opt-in or not to Opt-in

Right about now and up until the 25th of May they’ll be receiving emails asking to opt-in. A decision a customer can consciously make this time round as opposed to having their data purchased or obtained by not unchecking the box on the contact form – we know you did that, everyone did that! and more than likely stored away to used in effectively.

Dealing with the forthcoming GDPR deadline has been and probably still is challenging, going through all customer data and asking ourselves, do we really need this?

Overthinking – Do We Need a Clever Email Subject Line?

We sat around the table going over our email’s subject line asking each other, ‘Would this entice them?’ or ‘Would it make you click?’ We probably spent too much time on this but if you’re in the email game then you know how important it is to get it right.

We want to retain all of our customers as they’ve valued our service by purchasing our online training courses. We don’t want to entice, lure or use a magical subject line, we want to get straight to the point so our message has to be clear.

Maybe a Bit More Editing?

Our email contains too much text. We know the ins-and-outs of what makes a good email but our message has to be clear. We appreciate the time customers spend training on our online classes, we’re happy they’re finding our website on Google or picking up the phone and buying a license. We don’t want any confusion over what we’re saying and if that meant too much text and by others its too long, then so be it.

It’s the Perfect Time to Start a New Conversation

As we discussed our approach to marketing post GDPR, we found ourselves becoming excited, excited to earn a customer’s approval via the content we plan on producing. We get that chance to start a new conversation. A conversation were both parties have given consent, a yes or a no;are you in or are you out?

A Time to Respect Customers Data

GDPR should be seen as chance to not take data for granted and simply store it away on the digital shelf. It’s not about statistics or having a long list on an excel spreadsheet, it’s real people, users that valued our service, your service.

To our customers, we’re looking forward to be seeing you all on the other side.