The first ever Vegetable Summit

First ever Vegetable Summit

You could say that we thought the delegates to most high level summit talks acted like vegetables, but no this is real. The first ever vegetable summit took place on 24th October with delegates in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh, speaking together to discuss ways to encourage the use use of more vegetables in the meals they manufacture and retail.

The initiative is the idea of The Food Foundation, an independent think tank that aims to help face the growing challenges concerning the UK’s food systems.

Among the food companies who have put their support to this initiative include Mars, Dolmio, Nestle, Maggi and Uncle Ben’s and have been named as “The Veg Trailblazers”, who have all promised to include more vegetables in their meal offerings in an attempt to improve the health of the nation, and help raise the appeal of vegetables for children.

Lidl, the Co-op, Tesco and in the catering sector, Greggs, Sodexo and Birdfood have also signed up to encourage everyone to eat more vegetables.

The promise is entitled “The peas please, pledge”, and it’s nice to think that some summits can gain general acceptance when they put their mind to it.

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