Why Choose a CIEH course?

Chartered Institute of Environmental HealthThe CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) is the membership organisation for health professionals in the UK. Environmental Health Officers (EHO’s) are health and food safety experts who’s key role is to police and monitor the whole of commercial food production, whether that be in food manufacture, catering or retail.

These specialist enforcing officers may work for central or local government in such agencies as the FSA (Food Standards Agency), DEFRA (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) or other agriculture and rural affairs departments in devolved governments.

These officers apply the UK food laws across the country, and will be responsible for penalties for any business or organisation who fall short of standards. Businesses who fail to recognise and act upon their shortcomings, can have fines of up top 5000 imposed by magistrates courts. The maximum fine which can be imposed is £20,000 for each offence under the food safety Act 1990. Severe food safety breaches can result in imprisonment.

The first responsibility of any EHO, on finding a food safety problem, will be to help that business to improve. This is the principle decision for their recognition and for the important good training supplied by Train4Food and Train4Academy.

Because of our role at the centre of food safety in the UK, Train4Academy have chosen to use this awarding body to assure the courses we produce. This entails our submitting the courses to the CIEH, where their recognised food safety experts scrutinise them, against all the the standards, to ensure that you, the user can be risk free and sure they will meet the audit standards, which are after all, being policed by the CIEH themselves.

Buy with confidence that the courses you purchase are of the highest standard-endorsed by specialists.