Chicken Tut Tut… FSA Warn of Food Poisoning Risk from Eating it Raw

Raw chicken and the risk of food poisoning

Apparently, one of the trendy ways to eat chicken currently being promoted by foodies who want to appear “out there”, is to eat raw or under-cooked chicken.

For example, according to the Chef Steps website:

“Most chickens, as with most animal proteins, can absolutely be eaten raw, it really just comes down to how the meat was handled on it’s way to the kitchen.”

In some respects this is true, but when you buy a chicken, you rarely have any idea how the meat has been handled during production. Apparently, we are eating 2.2 million chickens per day in the UK, and many are raised in horrendous conditions, being fed large amounts of antibiotics to keep them “healthy”.

Research has shown that most chickens farmed in this way were contaminated by faecal matter and contribute to the 250,000 Britons who suffer from food poisoning each year.

Raw chicken and the risk of food poisoning

NHS Choices has revealed that a government survey found most raw chicken sold in the UK to contain campylobacter, described as a “deadly” food poisoning bug.

Salmonella and clostridium are also commonly found in raw chicken, and, believe us, you don’t want to suffer from any of these bugs!

The Food Standards Agency has picked up on this under-cooked chicken trend and says:

“we are reiterating our advice not to eat raw chicken”

This is one trend too many and you could end up the trendiest person in the cemetery.

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