Asbestos is deadly

Asbestos is deadly

Why do we still need to worry about asbestos – surely we don’t use it anymore? wrong!¬†Asbestos is deadly.

Thankfully, no, but if you live or work in a building built before 2000, there is a high chance that materials used in construction contained asbestos so Asbestos Awareness is as vital now as ever before. Take a look at this video made in 1959 by the American Bureau of Mines.

It emphasises how wonderful and useful asbestos was, with no hint of it’s damages, Asbestos is deadly. Was that genuine, or just a commercial decision? No wonder it’s use was so widespread, yet even the early Greeks and Romans noticed a “sickness of the lungs” developed when working with asbestos.

Asbestos is still there in our older buildings and Asbestos is deadly comes when alterations or maintenance work releases the fibres into the air. Everyone who works in these older buildings and they were extensively built after WW2, need to have Asbestos Awareness and understand the dangers of even simple work which disturbs asbestos fibres. A HSE study in 2009 said “The British mesothelioma death rate is now the highest in the world”.

Everyone needs to know the everyday dangers of asbestos, Asbestos is deadly! Train 4 Academy Ltd has a short Asbestos Awareness course, accredited by IOSH which is interesting and interactive. Make sure your staff protect themselves through knowledge of asbestos and where it may be.

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